Driving excellence across global standards

For over 150 years, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has built a distinguished heritage, playing a pivotal role in establishing global standards for a community exceeding 130,000 members and candidates. As a leading professional body, RICS has dedicated itself to crafting and safeguarding sustainable, resilient, and inclusive environments. Simultaneously, it has regulated chartered professionals and firms, fostering trust and confidence among clients and consumers.

DML’s significant contribution has involved crafting a diverse range of marketing collateral, encompassing both traditional print and digital formats. From the development of high-level annual reports and conference brochures to the creation of brand guidelines, training modules, physical displays, forms, research reports, certificates, advertisements, and infographics, our work has been meticulously tailored to meet RICS’s specific needs over multiple years. This scope extended to tasks such as image library sourcing, logo creation for subgroups, 150th anniversary celebrations, and the thoughtful design of merchandise.

Throughout our collaborative journey with RICS, our primary focus has been to capture and communicate their unwavering dedication to professionalism and societal benefit through visually engaging materials. We have consistently recognized the significance of guiding decision-makers and governments by providing them with trusted data and insights.