American Airlines: Experiential

Delivering experiential product launches

Back in 2009, we at DML Marketing took on a quirky project with American Airlines. They had commissioned massive snowglobes to show off their new lie-flat business-class seats. Our job? To place them in prime London spots like Cabot Square, Docklands, and Broadgate Circle, where we knew we’d catch the attention of busy commuters and folks out for lunch.

But setting up those snowglobes was no walk in the park. We had to pull late-night shifts, deal with mountains of paperwork, and navigate big trucks (7.5 tonnes!) and forklifts through crowded pedestrian areas.

Despite the challenges, we nailed it. Visitors to the snowglobes had a shot at winning a business-class ticket by placing their business cards into silver envelopes inside the globes. And the excitement was palpable when those snowglobes started to ‘snow’, and our promo team scrambled to catch the winning envelope.